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With Voice Atlas you will always be there with the answers.

Your have questions

With Voice Atlas you will always be there with the answers.

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What is Voice Atlas?

Voice Atlas™ is an AI-powered question & answer (Q&A) platform that allows anyone to create and share unique and specific knowledge sets. Voice Atlas’s no-code AI system is the fastest and simplest solution for answering questions with natural language processing through text and voice-based bots.

Create a custom knowledge set (an Atlas) in a matter of minutes.

Get precise and complete answers to questions.

Verify the quality of the answers in the Voice Atlas playground.

Easily and quickly integrate your Atlas on Microsoft Teams, and more.

Use our intuitive conversational interface to ask questions to your Atlas.

Create and deploy an AI-chatbot -- a Chatlas™ -- for any website.

Artificial Intelligence Bots

We offer an AI-powered bot with great capabilities out-of-the-box. No coding, no intent creation, no training needed. Our goal is to democratize AI-knowledge as we know how expensive and time consuming it is to have a team of experts working on creating tailored bots, let alone having them maintain and improve their AI abilities. Voice Atlas removes a significant barrier to using AI to answer questions. Unlike other AI tools, Voice Atlas comes with “small talk” preinstalled. Our bot has conversational capabilities while guiding the user to stay on topic and can handle basic conversational interactions. It is informative, reliable, respectful and polite, with upbeat mannerisms.

How Does It Work?

Everyone has questions and wants information fast -- Voice Atlas provides instant, personalized, self-serve answers. Creating and sharing your custom answers is as easy as these 4 steps:

Create Atlas


Create an Atlas

An Atlas is a knowledge set. Creating your own Atlas is fast and easy, no coding required. Build yours in minutes, and add to it as often as you like.


Add content items

Create your Atlas by adding content items -- an item is a single piece of content. Atlas content organization is simple -- you control the content and can add, import, edit and remove items as needed. Voice Atlas is a Q&A system, but unlike competitors, our platform does not require you to structure items to specific questions; our powerful AI backend will find the answers.

Add Items
Verify Answers


Verify accuracy

Test your Atlas for accuracy and completeness using our Atlas Playground before integrating and sharing it with your users. Useful analytics help you tweak answers and keep your Atlas up-to-date by providing insight into the most asked questions and other metrics. Take advantage of our world class AI-powered platform to provide your users with the best answers possible.


Integrate and Enjoy!

Sharing your Atlas is simple. You can integrate it with your website through our Chatlas™ chatbot, our Alexa™ Skill or other popular channels.

Atlas Integration


Voice Atlas is fast, accurate, and requires no coding or technical knowledge to set up and deploy. Anyone can create a knowledge set and leverage the power of AI to improve customer service, response times, and accurate information sharing.

Create Knowledge

Build a custom Atlas with your own unique and specific information. There is no need for additional software installation; setup just requires a web browser. Opening an account takes less than 5 minutes and you will be able to create your first Atlas.

Share Knowledge

Share your Atlas with your intended audience by deploying it as a Chatlas™, Alexa™ skill, or on popular channels like Microsoft Teams. You have the option to make your Atlas public so others can interact with your knowledge set through the Alexa™ skill.

Discover Knowledge

Explore a catalog of public Atlases designed by other authors; for example, this could be public health information from a trusted government source, education facts from a well-known cultural institution, or tourism information from a visitor center.

Switch Between Knowledge Sets

Activate any Atlas on Alexa™-enabled devices. Activate any public Atlas at any time and easily switch between different knowledge sets.

Use Your Voice

We strongly believe on helping our customers to leverage the power, easy of use and ubiquitousness of voice-enabled devices to provide their users with a unique experience when interacting with their Atlases through our Alexa™ Skill.

Instantly Integrate Your Bot

Ask your Atlas questions through a text interface via chatbot on a website or other platforms such as MS Teams. We are continuously adding more integration channels such as Slack™ and an API.

No-code AI-powered chatbot

We want our customers focusing on creating amazing content for their users without worrying about the complexities of training a chatbot which is why we created Chatlas™ as a fully featured no-code AI-powered chatbot for any website.

Atlas Playground

We believe that providing accurate and complete answers to your users is critically important and why we created a playground where authors can verify the accuracy and completeness of the answers provided by their Atlases.


Knowing how your bot is doing is important. Our platform provides analytics and statistics that allow our customers to understand not only their bots' performance, but also to improve them with useful information and metrics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers.

What is an Atlas?

An Atlas is a knowledge set, a collection of content items in plain text. An Atlas can be anything from a collection of flash cards related to a school subject to information about a company's products and services.

What is considered a request?

A request is any interaction with an Atlas; this could be a question or simply the word "hi." The interactions with Voice Atlas in the Playground are not considered a request so you can test as much as you want without affecting your monthly quota.

Have more questions?

Try Chatlas™, our custom Chatbot, one of the integrations we make available to our customers. Click on the blue button at the lower right corner. Try asking "How can voice atlas help me?" or "how to contact customer support?."

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